Welcome to my Honda Twinstar site. I started this as a way to show off my Honda Twinstar Cafe project and over the years, a few folks have found it and have been sending me their pics and their stories. Each person who submits their bike gets a section devoted to them and their build. For now it's just a few, but I feel the Twinstar fever growing. We aren't limited to cafe's. Any Twinstar is welcome. So send me your pics and your stories. Links are good too. Thanks!

BTW, I'm not a mechanic, so I'm not good with technical questions or sourcing parts. I'm just a fan. I will post up your question though. Maybe someday I'll turn this into a forum.

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[added - 04/7/2013] - Dan from Denver is working on a 1981.

Three questions:

 Jim is looking for some throw overs - 13 x 10 or less x 6.

 Mike is looking for a 6v rectifier. I struck out looking for one. Anybody have one they can spare?

 Don reports these symptoms:

1980 Twinstar that I have put more money into than what I originally paid. Laid it up for the winter in a garage and it was working well. Battery completely dead now and could not get it to start with kick starter at first. Pulled left cover off and took off cover over air intake. Sprayed starter fluid into it and got it to idle. It mis fires and backfires like crazy. When I step doen on foot brake she idles better and sounds smoother but when brake is released it goes back to a continuous but rough idle. Any ideas? All suggestions welcome and appreciated!!
If you can help any of these guys, let me know and I'll pass on the info.

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